San Antonio Piano Teacher: How to Find the Best Piano Lessons

So you want the best group or private piano teacher in San Antonio TX–what now?  There are so many piano instructors out there with so many different approaches.  How do you choose the right piano lessons?  How do you know what the right fit is for you or your children?


Learning to play the piano is like learning a new language.  We all learned how to speak and read a language, most at a very early age.  How did we do that?  Consistent practice, repetition, and spending as much time as possible around others who already spoke the language.  Piano instruction is the same.  Piano is definitely a discipline.  90% of the required time is not spent at the lesson, but at practice outside of piano class during the week.  My father used to tell me “anything worth doing is worth doing right”.  It is not all about how long you practice, but HOW you practice.  The reason most people are not successful at piano is because their teacher does not truly teach them how to read music, but allows them to cheat and take shortcuts to learn a song.  Actual note reading rather than learning by position finger numbers or muscle memory is not properly emphasized.  Add to that the fact that almost all of the commonly available piano method books out there also allow (and encourage) students to take shortcuts, and it becomes all the more important to find a piano teacher who will instill the correct habits from the beginning.


If you ask a kid or adult piano student today what their favorite style of music is, you will either be greeted with silence (“I can’t choose, there are just so many”), or with a very long answer (“I like this, and this, and this…”).  The majority of people today listen to a wide variety of music.  That is why it is important to find a piano teacher who has studied and is well versed in many different styles of music.  Classical music is great for developing proper technique, speed, agility and fluidity.  Jazz, Rock, Gospel and Blues are great for learning to improvise and play by ear.  Whatever your favorite style, it is important to find a piano teacher has the knowhow to teach you the skills you need to be successful.


Most people who study beginner, intermediate, or even advanced piano lessons do not plan to become a concert pianist, or even major in music.  Most people learn music to have fun, and if it ceases to be fun, they will quit.  The fact is, the longer you stick with piano lessons, the exponentially more fun it becomes.  That is why it is so important to find a piano teacher who truly has a passion for music and enjoys teaching, and who is able to instill in their students that passion by making piano fun, even as a beginner.

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