San Antonio piano lessons: Why PianoForte Music?

Thank you for your interest in piano lessons!  I am a piano teacher with PianoForte Music.  What sets me apart from other teachers is that I not only teach you note reading, rhythm, proper technique and all the other essentials, but I place the largest emphasis on what is most important:  having fun!  If you don’t first have fun with music, you won’t get very far because you’ll quickly run out of steam and not want to practice.  My unique approach incorporates the benefits of small group study with fun educational games, group activities and ensemble playing which helps with rhythm.  After 14 years of teaching I have found that students progress quicker in a small group because it adds the social element missing from most lessons and you are motivated to succeed by the progress of the rest of the class.  The other thing that sets my studio apart is the music.  I am well versed in many styles of music and can help you succeed in almost any genre.  I have a large collection of music that I teach, songs you can’t get anywhere else because I transcribed, wrote, or arranged them myself!  Almost any style of music, you name it, we have it or we can find it!  Original compositions and arrangements, professional backing tracks that make simple songs sound awesome, jam sessions with professional performing musicians.  And if you know a song you want to play but we can’t find the music, we can even transcribe it for you–so it sounds just like the real thing!  We teach fun at all ages–ADULTS TOO!  Enroll in lessons today by phone at (210)438-8222.

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