San Antonio Piano Lessons: The Difference is in the Fun!

What makes PianoForte Music the best San Antonio piano lessons? THE DIFFERENCE IS IN THE FUN! We not only succeed in teaching students note reading, rhythm, proper technique, and all the other essential elements of music, WE ALSO HAVE A GREAT TIME! Musical computer games, iPhone games, board games, card games, synthesizer games, team games, race games, costumes, sound effects, game theme music, music videos, and a Piano Rock Band–just to name a few! At PianoForte Music FUN IS A PRIORITY.

And when it comes to music, WE HAVE ALL THE BEST SONGS, songs you can’t get anywhere else because we transcribed, wrote, or arranged them ourselves! Classical, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Funk, Dance, Electronic, Celtic, Folk, Contemporary Christian, Country; almost any style of music, you name it, we have it or we can find it! Original compositions and arrangements, professional backing tracks that make simple songs sound awesome, jam sessions with real professional performing musicians. And if you know a song you want to play but we can’t find the music, we can even transcribe it for you–so it sounds just like the real thing! We teach fun at all ages–ADULTS TOO! Enroll in lessons today by phone at (210)438-8222.

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