Five Ways That Piano Lessons in San Antonio Will Benefit Your Child

If you’re thinking that enrolling your child in San Antonio piano lessons would not be worth it, or are having second thoughts as to whether you should continue your child’s piano lessons despite the discouragingly rough and seemingly intolerable sound of the wrong notes being struck, then here are 5 reasons you should consider keeping your child enrolled:

Develop Coordination
Playing the piano definitely builds up a child’s coordination skills. Hand-eye as well as hand-ear coordination is practiced through piano lessons. Just as in typing on the keyboard, a child eventually moves on to playing the piano without having to look at the keys and after enough practice a child will no longer rely on having to see the keys.

Increase Concentration
Playing the piano is difficult, especially when you’re a child as there seems to be a lot of other things going on around you that you’d rather do. Distractions abound when you’re a kid learning the piano – friends playing outside, cartoons on the TV, video games, etc. Come the time for your recital, you would have to put up with pressure, pre-stage jitters, and anxiety. Children’s piano lessons in San Antonio allow for kids to focus on the matter at hand, helping them improve concentration at an early age.

Raises Self Esteem
Starting out on the piano might seem a bit rocky, especially as your child hammers away on all the wrong notes, creating unpleasant sounds. This may discourage your child as well, but stick to your guns and your child will eventually get to playing that first melody right. This creates a feeling of accomplishment that when built upon by continuous piano lessons raises the child’s self esteem.

Improves Academic Performance
Another thing children’s piano lessons imbibe on kids is a strict sense of discipline. Kids who play the piano understand that their playing won’t improve unless they study their scales and practice everyday. As such they also understand that hard work must be put into something in order to reap benefits. Kids who take children’s piano lessons also learn to think creatively and critically. All these are applied in school, giving kids taking piano lessons an edge.

Allows Kids to be Well Rounded
A child may study the piano for a short period of time. Some might stick with it and continue to make a career out of it. Regardless, those who took piano lessons are known to be more well rounded, especially in this day and age, as they tend to develop an appreciation for all types of music. The knowledge and skills they learn from the piano can also be easily transferred to another musical instrument.


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