Course Descriptions


Piano class is an exciting and informative introduction to piano and music skills for beginning to intermediate level music students in grades Kindergarten through Adult. The goal of the course is not only to develop a solid musical foundation in piano which will greatly assist in the future pursuit of any musical instrument in any style, but most importantly to instill in the student a genuine love and appreciation for music.

Students are taught a stimulating, thorough, and graduated course of recital solos, theory, technical studies, and classic piano repertoire. Class size varies from 3 to 6 students, with group activities as well as one-on-one instruction. I have found that a group atmosphere is often more beneficial and enjoyable for beginning to intermediate level students because they are motivated by their peers, but are also allowed to progress at their own rate.


Students are motivated by the progress of their peers. Theory is emphasized by group activities and computer-aided exercises. Learning in a small group environment teaches the students to be more open and less shy about performing, building confidence. Music is shown from the very beginning as something that we share with each other.

With more than one student, there are more possibilities for educational games and group activities that make music much more stimulating and a lot more fun!

PRIVATE LESSONSSan Antonio Piano Lessons

Once students have learned the fundamentals, they are transitioned into a private setting, where they undergo a more intensive study of the instrument.

With a solid foundation, intermediate to advanced students are encouraged to pursue any number of different styles of music, including but not limited to: Classical, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Blues, Contemporary Christian, Electronic, Country, and more!